Ariana Rosario

hi hi! i'm ariana! i'm a bisexual, dominican-american voice actor repped by CESD! i'm snarky, excitable and known for my passion for fictional characters (ask me about my video essays), my five photogenic cats and my (un)healthy obsession with the xenoblade chronicles series!

interactive reel

animation reel

commercial reel

raw studio sample

I do not consent to or approve of my voice or likeness to be used for AI-generated content of any kind.

Visual Reel

sample work:

available via: source-nexus, source connect standard, zoom, skype, ipdtl, sessionlink, discord!

raw studio sample

hard wired ethernet - 507.62 mps download, 34.84 mps upload

microphone: neumann tlm 103
interface: solid state logic (ssl2)
daw: adobe audition + rx8 plugin
home studio: double padded closet space
adr capable!

happy you scrolled through! let's chat!

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